For your diving adventure in the Maldives, would you choose a “Island Hotel” or a “Liveaboard Cruise”?

by Blue Force Fleet

Would you choose an "Island Hotel" or a "Liveaboard Cruise"?

When considering a diving trip to the Maldives or other diving destinations worldwide, it’s natural to have doubts about whether to stay in a “hotel and go diving every day” or embark on a “liveaboard diving cruise.” Let us present some advantages of the liveaboard cruise option over the hotel that might help you make your decision.

Expanded diving area.

When you choose a hotel and go diving daily, the dive center is usually limited to dive spots within a maximum one-hour boat ride. In contrast, a liveaboard diving cruise allows you to explore a vast variety of sites during a full week of sailing, significantly multiplying the range of areas you can access.

Efficient use of time.

On a liveaboard cruise, everything is close by (a maximum of 42 meters from bow to stern). While you eat, have breakfast, dinner, or sleep, the boat moves from one dive site to another. As soon as you finish diving, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are ready for you. All these details translate to comfort, less waiting, and time savings, maximizing the enjoyment of your available time.

Comfort during travels.

During a week-long diving cruise, dives take place at the most prominent points in various atolls, involving long journeys. These journeys occur while passengers rest or enjoy life onboard, contributing to a comfortable, safe, and pleasant experience. Comfort is achieved by breaking the trips into small stages, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy either by sleeping or participating in onboard activities.

Almost all-inclusive price.

In the total cost of your underwater adventure aboard a cruise, there are no unpleasant surprises. Everything that is included and what is not is known from the moment you book. From accommodation and delicious meals to exciting dives, transfers, and fascinating excursions, everything is part of the package. So, except for drinks and those tempting souvenirs (similar to staying in a hotel), you know clearly how much you will spend before setting sail. This transparency not only facilitates financial planning but also eliminates any concerns about unexpected expenses and surprises. In comparison, in hotels, especially those that do not offer “all-inclusive” packages, it’s crucial to consider additional costs for meals, transfers, diving, and activities, which in destinations like the Maldives, could add up significantly.

Unmatched Adaptability: Explore at Your Own Pace.

In the exciting world of diving cruises, adaptability is key. You can adjust the route according to seasons, weather conditions, and sightings, giving you the freedom to explore the best diving areas at any given moment, even covering several atolls in a single week. In comparison, in a hotel, you are limited to options within a much more restricted radius.

Camaraderie and Flexibility for Solo Travelers.

Whether you travel alone or with companions, living together on a liveaboard cruise is always easy and full of camaraderie. Here, you will always have a diving buddy, an expert guide at your disposal, table companions to share and enjoy the unique experience of a diving cruise.

No High Supplements for Solo Travelers.

On a diving cruise, the option to share a cabin (with same-sex individuals) is the norm, thus avoiding expensive supplements for single accommodation. This practice significantly reduces the travel cost compared to a hotel, where the possibility of sharing a room is uncommon, and individual supplements are high.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences and expectations to have an unforgettable diving experience in the Maldives. Enjoy your trip!

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