Terms & Conditions

All reservations/bookings are to be evidenced by email or make throughout the online booking.

For every request, a pro forma invoice will be sent; confirmations will be issued when the payment is reflected in our bank account and Blue Force will send a receipt for the received amount.

Vouchers will be sent when the full payment is already made.

It is compulsory that all clients bring with them BLUE FORCE vouchers.


For the Booking confirmation, a deposit of 30% of the cruise rate is required within the following 7 days of the booking.

6 months before the departure day: Additional 40% of the Cruise rate
2 months before the departure day: full payment of the cruise

Once you pay the deposit you accept Blue Force Fleet’s Terms and conditions.

All bank transfer fees (Including Blue Force Diving fees) are borne by your company.

We accept VISA and MASTERCARD payments through our online system. For payments out of the European Union, a 4% commission must be added to the total amount.

Blue Force Fleet reserves the right to evaluate any nonpayment situation and may cancel any booking as well as a charge for any additional fee incurred


At any time the client can cease the booking and has the right to return the paid amounts, both the deposit, and the full payment. Due to the special conditions for the diving Liveaboards and as per the law art. 160.b from RDL1/2007, the client must indemnify to travel agency for the following charges.

Any change, cancellation, or modification to the booking must be evidenced in writing and should be confirmed by Blue Force Fleet.

A cancellation fee will be applied considering the time of precedence before the departure date.

12 months (or more) to 6 months prior to the departure date: 30% of the cruise rate.
6 to 2 months prior to the departure date: 70% of the cruise rate
2 months or less prior to the departure date: 100% of the cruise rate

The cancellation of any additional booked service out of the regular fare will be subject to specific charges defined by the suppliers in each case. 100% non-refundable in some cases.

Besides, for every cancellation, a penalty of 90 € per person will be added as insurance and Booking charges. If there is a flight booking and it is already issued, a charge of 100% will be added whenever it has been calculated.

If the client departs before the fixed date at the lodge, Blue Force Fleet does not commit to refunding the lost amount.

No refund will be issued by Blue Force Fleet if any dive activity can’t be accomplished due to reasons beyond its control.


Taxes and fees apply to all passengers (Including free places on the cruise) and should be paid upon arrival to the Liveaboard.

All group cancellation penalties are based on the original number of passengers reserved.
Blue Force Fleet doesn’t accept responsibilities for civil unrest, terrorism, strikes, illness, epidemics, accidents, injuries, damage, loss, and theft as well as quarantine, customs regulations, changes in flight itinerary, delays, deportation, or refusal of entry by immigration authorities and other circumstances beyond our control.

In case any modification is made to the overall cruise duration, affected cruise guests will be offered a credit or refund of the cruise fare pro-rated by the number of reduced days from the initial schedule.

In case the cruise is canceled, Blue Force will provide an alternative, including the option of going to another available boat.

If Blue Force Fleet alternatives are not accepted, the company reserves the right to provide a full refund of the total amount paid in cash. This cancellation will be considered a canceled cruise.

Prices have been calculated according to exchange rates, transportation rates, fuel costs, taxes, and applicable charges on the program issue date. Any subsequent price change in any of these elements may lead to a revision of the final price of the trip.


All Blue Force Fleet clients are insured with MAPFRE, coverage number 698/380.

Coverages include stay and dive during the Liveaboard. If you have booked your flights throughout BLUE FORCE TRAVEL, the flight will be also included from/to your home.

Check our terms and conditions, limits, cancellation coverage, medical charges, hyperbaric chamber, and luggage… in the insurance section on our website.

If you want to extend the cancellation coverage, ask for a proposal. This extension should be booked at the same time that you confirm your booking.

If you want to extend the diving insurance, we suggest making a DAN insurance at www.daneurope.org or similar.


All guests participating in recreational guided or unguided scuba activities must present their dive certification card and/or dive logbook for verification. Blue Force Fleet reserves the right to reject any participation in scuba diving activities if dive certification proof is not presented upon request.

No refund will be issued if any dive activity can’t be accomplished due to not having the requested certificate or if guides consider the customer as not qualified. Blue Force Fleet reserves the right to reject any dive participation or suggest a refreshment course if any scuba participant is unable to perform diving skills.

If the client hasn’t got the asked certification or if the guide considers that the client is not qualified to make any dive, he/she could reject the participation in the dive. Blue Force Fleet reserves the right to make any refund for the lost dive.

Due to inclement weather, logistics, mechanical, and safety reasons, Blue Force Fleet reserves the right to make any total or partial modification and cancellation for the planned program. Also reserves the right to cancel the whole itinerary or any part of the itinerary for any reason, including an insufficient number of participants, No refund will be given due to this reason.

The rate will be included a belt, weights, and an S80 air tank. The rest of the equipment is not included. If you need to rent part or full equipment, it is compulsory to book in advance to assure availability. Blue Force Fleet is not responsible for the rental equipment. For liveaboard is compulsory to carry with you a diving computer or SMB with at least 9 meters of line in the spool. For night dives is compulsory to have a torch (if you don’t carry the torch, night dives cannot be done, and won’t be any refund for it).


All the guests should have their own Passports correctly issued and should check with their embassy entry requirements in each case such as passports, and entry visas (check with the embassy). It will be on their own to get the passport or the entry requirement (except when we indicate the opposite). Each client should contact their consular representation in each country depending on the nationality.

If any authority rejects the legal requirements to enter the country because it doesn’t get the correct, Blue Force Fleet won’t be responsible for the additional charges and won’t make any refund for the trip.

Children under the age of 18 will carry with them a legal written permit signed by parents or legal guardians. Children under 18 and babies should carry their passports and also other documents if necessary (for example entry visa).

Passports will expire 6 months after the departure from the country.


All guests must sign and accept our Risk Liability Waiver & Assumption form.
Blue Force Fleet reserves the right to make any total or partial modification and cancellation for the planned program. Also reserves the right to cancel the whole itinerary or any part of the itinerary for any reason, including an insufficient number of participants, inclement weather, logistics, mechanical and safety reasons

If the client doesn’t comply with the proper safety standards, the guide will be able to reject diving. Blue Force Fleet reserves the right to make any refund for the lost dive.

Due to inclement weather, logistics, mechanical, and safety reasons, Blue Force Fleet reserves the right to make any total or partial modification and cancellation for the planned program. Also reserves the right to cancel the whole itinerary or any part of the itinerary for any reason, including an insufficient number of participants,. No refund will be given due to this reason.

For all the clients that book extra services throughout Blue Force Diving, Blue Force Fleet, or Blue Force Travel it is very important to read the next conditions:


The organization of the travel package has been made by: Blue Force Diving SL. With a registered address in C/ Navarra 6 -2º dpto. 6 – 48001 Bilbao (España) • C.I.F.: B-95744579 and CIE 2357 Retailer and Wholesaler agency for the following branches: BLUE FORCE DIVING and BLUE FORCE FLEET.
BLUE FORCE DIVING / BLUE FORCE FLEET programs are under travel package general conditions.

Please ask them, read them and sign them.


Rates and descriptions are valid except for typing errors.

All changes or errata find in our brochures or offers after being published will be modified and published automatically on our website www.blueforcefleet.com.


The rate of the travel package has been calculated with the currency Exchange, transport rate, fuel price, taxes, and public imposts valid for the time being. Any important change in the rate of one of these services may give rise to modifying the final rate of the trip. Due to special events, sports events, long weekends, local holidays, special governmental visits…. The rate of the trip (hotels, entrances, local transport…) could be modifying the published rate.

The rates are based on 2 people (except if we indicate the opposite) sharing the same cabin or room. For single travelers please ask for the supplement.


If you book any hotel with Blue Force Travel regardless of the information of the official category of each country; we can include, to be easier to understand by the client, the category such as 3* superior, semi-luxury… that are not recognized officially and they are a subjective statement of the lodge.

The rates are published in standard rooms or double standard cabins. Double rooms could have two beds or one double bed for two people. The third person or children that share the room will be lodged in an extra bed. Most of the hotels are not have triple or quadruple rooms with proper beds. In some hotels, it could be a bed couch, auxiliary bed, or a bunk.

The check-in for most of the hotels will be at 15 hours and the check-out before 12 hours.

For the clients arriving after 12 hours, the first meal (when it is included in the rate) will be a DINNER. Besides for those who arrive after 19 hours, the first service will be the NIGHT. Some hotels offer the option of late checkout with a supplement. Please check with the hotel.

Sometimes and due to the pickup timetable for the transfer to the airport or viceversa, it could be possible to miss breakfast, lunch, or dinner, on the day of the transfer. There won’t be any refund for this service.

Some hotel facilities are only available on a specific date and they are not opened all season (air conditioning, heating system, pools, Jacuzzis, restaurants…). The timetables of those services can be also changed due to the same reason. The air conditioning or heating system facilities can be scheduled by the hotel.

It is usual that some hotels ask for a formal dress for dinner. • Meal basis: EP: Elementary plan; BB: Bed and breakfast; HB: half board; FB: full board; SP: as per program; AI: all-inclusive.

The rates do not include drinks in the meals except we specify the opposite. Most of the hotels consider HB with breakfast and dinner.

If the clients change their minds and do not use any of the meals included in the rate, the hotel reserves the right to change it for a picnic. If it is not possible it won’t be the cause of a claim or refund.

Credit cards: Some hotels ask for the credit card number as a guarantee during the stay. We ask you to pay all your expenses at the departure and if you have not, please ask to cancel the use of the credit card and the paper with your details. Our organization rejects all responsibility from the credit card.


If there is a stay with a different quantity of nights that we have included, the extra nights should be paid accordingly. This rate will be given by the travel agency and won’t be valid for extensions ask once you are at the hotel or if you use fewer nights.


Regarding the land transport, the client should keep their own baggage and personal belongings wherever they are placed in the transport. The client will be responsible for this baggage. We recommend being always present in the loading and unloading of the baggage. In respect of air transport, train transport, sea transport or fluvial transport the conditions will be established by each company.

The binding document between the client and the company will be the ticket. If there is any problem with the baggage lost, broken… You should make the claim with the company. These claims should be made directly with the transport company and the agency will be out of this responsibility.

If you are going to carry more baggage than is allowed on the ticket, you should have to pay for extra baggage directly with the airline.


The Special Conditions of the airfares, force us to inform you that the rates can be changed depending on the availability at each moment. If the international flights or domestic flights have any change on the departure day, the itineraries can be modified.

Air taxes: The amount of air taxes are always approximative and will be confirmed once the flight ticket is already issued.

Fuel taxes: This amount will be included at the same time as the air taxes and will be confirmed when we issue the flight tickets.

Airport taxes: Those are local taxes for entry and departure for each country. These taxes should be paid at the airport upon arrival.


All the services are in groups except when we indicate the opposite. If the arrival at the airport is due to lost baggage or if you arrive later due to a delay of the flight, police control, or customs house you arrive later; please inform the transferring enterprise to change or modify your transfer. If not we could not guarantee to resolve the transfer.


Entry visa, porters, tips/service taxes (in some countries or programs are compulsory), air taxes, government taxes, non-included excursions in the itinerary, vaccination certificate, special meals, laundry & ironing services, optional hotel services, and in general any other service indicated in the rate includes.

For a half board basis with breakfast and dinner or lunch, drinks are not included and should be paid in the hotel.