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Latest news from Maldives:

The Maldives is opening its border and lifting the travel restrictions starting from July 15, 2020,

Check the imuga website for more information

Latest news from Egypt:

Egypt announced in July 2020 it will reopen its borders for tourism.

Travelers coming back to their countries must know their local regulations on their arrivals and arrange everything in advance before boarding the back flights

Currently, to travel to Egypt it is necessary to have either a negative PCR test for coronavirus, printed and with the result in English, whose sample has been taken a maximum of 72 hours before the time of boarding the direct flight to Egypt or an antigen test that does not exceed 24 hours, or with a vaccination certificate that contains a QR code and that is also written in English:

– It is reported that a QR code or, instead, the stamp of an accredited laboratory, authorized by the authorities of the country in which it was issued, without scratches, cross-outs or additions, will be required on the negative PCR test certificates that All passengers on international flights traveling to Egypt must present themselves to the transport companies before boarding, as well as at the health controls at the points of entry into the country.

– The health authorities will not accept any PCR test certificate without a QR code or accredited laboratory seal.

– Travelers bound for Egypt who carry vaccination certificates approved by the country of origin (issuing authority) will be accepted into Egypt on the condition that these certificates do not contain erasures, scratches or additions. It is essential that the certificate contains a QR code and that they are also written in English.

– Vaccines approved by the World Health Organization and the Egyptian Medicines Authority are accepted, provided that 14 days have elapsed since the administration of the two-dose vaccines (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sinopharm, Sinovac or Sputnik) or 14 days after receiving the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

– In the event that only one dose of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sinopharma, Sinovac or Sputnik has been administered due to having passed Covid-19, it will be necessary to present the negative test.

– Children under 12 years of age are exempt from the above requirements.

To ensure the safety of all travelers, the Egyptian Ministry of Health mandates that all incoming travelers must register at the official website, at least two days before starting their trip. 

Please note that failure to complete all registration steps in time may lead to the inability to review documents before arrival, and would increase the waiting time and to get the QR code for entering Egypt in order to facilitate their travel procedures.


Given the uncertainty for world tourism and diving trips, we would like to offer you a trustworthy product and very flexible conditions for when travel is possible.

For this, we propose special contracting and cancellation conditions for those passengers who may be affected by COVID-19 for Blue Force cruises in the Maldives and Egypt in 2022.

From Blue Force, we are following the news minute by minute and applying the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) and local health authorities regarding the evolution of the coronavirus. The authorities of each country in the world began by establishing recommendations, then restrictions and finally prohibitions. They try to stop the spread of the pandemic, closing its borders, establishing quarantines, alert states, or the like, which has forced us to stop our ships and wait for the situation to normalize.

From Blue Force we would like to convey our gratitude for your trust, for your support and now, for your effort and solidarity, staying at home.

When this situation happens, from Blue Force we will continue to contribute to making dreams come true and that is why we hope to continue counting on you, asking you, please, don’t stop dreaming, together we will make it.

We hope to write to you soon announcing that we are back to normal.

We wish you the best, you, your family and friends and we invite you to stay informed by visiting this page, following our social networks or subscribing to our mailing list for this purpose:

Thank you

The Blue Force Team

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